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Introduction of CICFP SAR
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CICFP Professional Training Zones in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the Pearl River and Jiangmen was established in June 2013 to develop a platform for professional certified financial planners. CICFP takes the aim of obtaining international recognized qualification as its ultimate goal.  The institute is to take advantage of the prime situational advantages, to become a registration and certification authority for financial planners.  The professional team stationed in the training zones is composed of certified financial planners, and is committed to nurture a breeding ground for professionals in financial planning.

In May 2013 CICFP hired an independent consultancy firm in Hong Kong to complete the plans on curriculum development, and to bring the courses up to international level. With respect to qualification development, Associate Financial Planner (AFP), the educational level being equivalent to Financial Planning Certificate Level III, is now submitted for assessment to ascertain its hierarchy within the Qualifications Framework officially used in Hong Kong. Also, CICFP training courses are now applying for USA CHEA and UK ASIC and hopefully complete the assessment in the mid of 2014. Meanwhile, the Macau chapter of CICFA and its Training Centre have also been recognized and approved by Macau Education and Youth Services Bureau.


  1. International Recognition of CICFP qualifications;
  2. Recognition of qualification by Qualification framework worldwide, including Special Administration Zones;
  3. Reciprocal recognition of qualifications with professional bodies;
  4. Recognition of qualifications by financial organizations to meet the demands for qualified personnel;
  5. Recognition of qualifications by universities and professional bodies.

To become a professional advantages of a certified financial planner, the CICFP SAR will focus on training five types of certified financial planners.

  1. AFP
  2. CFP
  3. ICFP
  4. EFP
  5. CTMA

CICFP SAR will focus on the development and unification of the following systems:

  1. Application for certification
  2. Training requirements
  3. Examination System
  4. Continuing professional development system
  5. Exemption of college credits and harmonization with college courses


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