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CICFP, founded in 2005, is a non-profit making organization and gets registration at the Hong Kong Companies Registry in 2008 with the Company Number 1280975.  Under the Institute there are Industry Standards Committee, Examination Management Office, Textbook Editorial Board, Competence Assessment Committee, Banking Financial Planning Committee, Insurance and Financial Planning Committee, Financial Planning Standards Board, the Risk Management Committee, Tax Planning Committee, International Affairs Committee, Financial Advisory Commission, and Complaint Service Center. 

CICFP has 29 licensed educational institutions in China and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other places to provide professional training for the members, certification for qualification, follow-up training, and other services. More than 90,000 members have presence in banks, insurance companies, securities institutions, investment houses, financial companies, futures and commodities firms, trust companies, finance companies, accountants, tax department, law firms and other institutions. CICFP is seen to be the largest financial planning organization in China.

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